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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 29, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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storms. our temperatures will hang around 80 degrees. but we will see the pop-up storms overnight. what about tomorrow, and what about the weekend? we've got a look at it, coming up. >> all right, thanks. now to that breaking news involving baltimore mayor sheila dixon. tonight she is facing two new indictments. terry is in the newsroom in the breaking news center with details. >> reporter: call it a case of deja vu. new indictments for the mayor, one day after a city council woman and prominent businessman are indicted. mayor dixon just released a statement telling us, as i have for my entire career as a public servant, he will continue to focus on the needs of the people of baltimore. my commitment to the city has never wavered, and is as strong as ever. the new indictments accuse the mayor of failing to report gifts from her one-time boyfriend and businessman ronald lipscomb on financial disclosure forms. those gifts included a $2,000 gift certificate at a furrier, travel and lodging in new york,
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and plane tickets to chicago. the indictment details thousands of dollars lipscomb reportedly gave the mayor. money the prosecutor says she failed to report as required by law. some of these charges were dismissed by a judge earlier this year, but it now appears the state is relying on the testimony of lipscomb who agreed to a plea deal earlier this year to make its case against the mayor stick. >> and lipscomb, you know, the prosecutor did here what they do in many cases. i got evidence against you and him and i want you more than him, and my case isn't perfectly strong, maybe i cut a deal him to use him as a witness. it happens all e time. >> just to recap now, the mayor of baltimore indicted today on two counts of perjury. she was already facing charges for stealing gift cards. all of this means the trial date set for september will likely be rescheduled. reporting live from the breaking news center, terry owens, abc 2 news. >> for more information on the case against mayor dixon, go to
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abc 2 now in the story posted today, you can read the full indictments filed against the mayor. you'll also find all of our stories surrounding the city hall corruption probe. meanwhile, there is reaction from city hall tonight to the new indictments involving helen holton and prominent developer john paterakis. they are accused of violating campaign finance laws. it's all a part of the state prosecutor's ongoing corruption investigation into city hall. paterakis is the president of the h & s bakery and the developer of harbor east. >> he is certainly well respected. and my hope is that his lawyers will do their job in defending him and the prosecutors will do theirs, and the issue will be resolved where it should be in the courts, and not in public opinion. >> as for councilwoman helen holton, who chairs the taxation, finance, and economic development committee, rawlings- blake says the council will move forward with every single piece of legislation that was
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before the committee. a federal grand jury has indicted a white supremacist from maryland in the shooting of a security guard at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum in washington. hate crime charges have been added to the case against james von brunn who lived in annapolis at the time of the shooting. he has been in the hospital since the shooting last month. official says the 89-year-old shot and killed guard stephen johns. breaking news tonight for you, this time out of howard county. police are investigating a stabbing in columbia. it happened in the 5700 block of columbia road. we're told that a man was stabbed several times. we have no word on his condition tonight. he has been taken to an area hospital. police are searching in the area for three men who may have been involved in the shooting, and we'll continue to update you as information becomes available. police have cracked a burglary ring in carroll county, but some of the stolen property has them confused. it's alleged that a husband and
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wife team struck more than a dozen homes. from westminster and finksburg to taneytown and mount airy, as abc 2 news jeff hager reports, that is making it difficult to track down all of their victims. >> reporter: witnesses spotted the suspects' red and white truck near a number of burglarized homes, and it was easy to spot wh they stole from his home. >> use chains. >> reporter: but it's the foreign currency, the high- priced coin that are now baffling state police in their efforts to return stolen items to their rightful owners. >> the japanese peso was -- that was issued by the japanese government when they occupied the philippine islands back in the 1940s. this is the united states of america trade dollar that was minted back in 1877. and it has -- according to what i've been able to find on this, it is fairly valuable, actually
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very valuable, about 1500 and up. >> reporter: investigators say jerome and tina heran hit so many homes, that they apparently can't remember where they pilfered the world war ii era currency. and no one has reported it stolen. the only thing certain is that it did them little good in financing their prescription pill and subsequent heroin habits, which police say was the motive for the burglaries. >> like painkillers or something. that's what i figure. nothing really much really. went past everything value like the tv, like the flat screen tvs, and everything else in here. >> reporter: investigators have already tied the coupe toll more than a dozen burglaries, and that the owners of this unique money surface, they could add one more victim to the list. in carroll county, jeff hager, abc 2 news. >> now if you recognize the currency, you're asked to call the westminster state police
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bare rack at 410-386-3000. baltimore county police are searching for a burglar they believe has struck at least five times recently in the glen arm area. each time the burglar cuts open a screen and crawls through an unlocked window. police have some leads, but they're asking pour the community's help to report anything suspicious in the area. >> because of the way they're doing, this the nature of how they're doing it, which is normally during day hours, and the fact that it's in the same area, we believe that it may be just one individual. >> if you have any information about the burglaries, you're urged to call baltimore county police there is the number right there, 410, 887-2210. we have no word tonight on what caused the death of a marine at fort meade. officials say 22-year-old brad wells from hattiesburg, mississippi was found in his barracks from monday evening. he was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. his death is under investigation. the national federation of
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the blind has filed a complaint with the maryland department of education. the group alleges that blind students in baltimore schools are not receiving a proper education as required by law. >> in the united states, we are told that 10% of blind students learn to read and write braille. only 10%. that means 90% do not. in our own city we are told that the number is less than 10%. that's why we filed this complaint. >> the group is demanding better supplies and teaching tools for blind students. you know, children and good nutrition don't necessarily go hand in hand. kids love junk food, and need to be taught healthy eating habits. so maryland schools and local pharmacy have teamed up to help your kids and themselves at the same time. >> something good to eat that was raised in maryland. >> reporter: maryland farmers have always known that it was better to eat local food.
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it's good food, and it's good business. the state farm to school program is also using it for a good lesson. the program provides maryland- grown products forker school lunches, while teaching children where the food comes from, how it's produced, and the benefits of a healthy diet. >> it's hard for me to know from a farmer. >> reporter: today farmers, teachers, and school food service staff held a farm-to- school workshop to prepare for the new school year. >> to make sense of where food comes from for the child, planted in the garden, harvested, processed, and served in the lunch program. >> reporter: the program doesn't just help children eat healthier, it also promotes locally grown farm goods. >> we've got more interest in locally grown foods now than we've had in years. and there is opportunity for this to be a win-win for the farmer and all the consumers in maryland. >> reporter: today's workshop also featured a lunch
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featuring, you guessed it, seasonal maryland foods. a dream come true today for some baltimore residents. ♪ about 30 people took their oath to become american citizens. this ceremony took place at the war memorial building downtown. that's your next "american idol" right there. a statue shuffle. coming up, why some people want elvis to leave the building. and ravens camp continues. one rookie is really excited to meet his idol. >> you're my idol. >> excuse me me! i'll take that. yesterday i gave you a 2-degree guarantee for today of 85 degrees. the high officially today at bwi 86. we hit that 2-degree guarantee once again. four days in a row now. our winner from around, noe rivera. congratulations. you scored an abc 2 bobble head. we'll be back with our wet forecast, coming up in a couple of minutes. >> watch abc 2 news any time on
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channel 1 with comcast on demand.
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you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 6. >> a canton square eatery is crying foul after the city orders it to take down its beloved elvis statue. now the king has actually stood at the door of nacho mama's for more than 15 years. but now the city says it is in the way. and as abc 2 news roosevelt leftwich tells us, the owner is getting ready to fight for the king. >> reporter: if your elvis sticks out more than 12 inches from the building, you have to put it back inside, baltimore statue. that's the problem in a nutshell. the elvis was much too big for the city to handle, or so it would seem. especially since it was out there plain as day for everyone
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to beold hold in its elvis glory. >> it's impeding pedestrian flow. up against the wall. >> reporter: but why after 15 years did elvis have to go? some hound dog obviously didn't like his blue eyes crying in the rain or at least his blue suede shoes. suspicious minds feel it's someone with a beef who narcoticked on elvis. a person who is caught in a trap and can't walk out, or at least walk around this icon of canton. >> this just points out the hypocrisy of government sometimes. to focus and worry with one complaint, we have to take it in. yet we have thousands of signatures, and a lot of people in the neighborhood really want it back. >> reporter: the citistat you is very specific. you can't have things in the way of pedestrian flow. someone could get hurt. they could trip. they could fall you. need to have the sidewalks clear so that people can get around without having to run into anything. he is taking a petition with a
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thousand names to city hall to put the king back on his throne. people like it and are begging the city to don't be cruel. >> i think it's sillily. it's part of canton. it's part of the tradition for all the renaissance that has happened down here. >> reporter: he is leading this bunch of roust abouts downtown this friday. they want the king back, because without it, things are all shook up. in canton, roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> this is a talker. we want to know whether you think. should the city force nacho mamas to remove its elvis statue from the sidewalk? to take part in the online poll, log on to and look on the right side of the home page. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> well, we have some heavy weather down over southern maryland this afternoon that has now shifted to the eastern shore. but the heavy weather is not done. but again, it's very isolated. very small pockets of it here and there.
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and the severe thunderstorm watches that we've got on the eastern shore continue until 8:00 tonight. we'll show you where the storms are. let's take a look outside right now. the shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. yeah, looking kind of, ugly out there. showers are on the way towards the baltimore region. right now at bwi 82 degrees. 67% humidity. wind currently from the southwest at 8. and the pressure 29.75. this are your tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. sun comes up at 6:05. the winds tomorrow from the west 8 to 14 miles per hour. thunderstorm watch is in effect for the eastern shore as well as all of delaware. we've got a severe thunderstorm warning over here in new jersey. also severe thunderstorm warnings up here in pennsylvania. but right now no watches or warnings affect the baltimore region. temperature-wise, early this morning we had a low of 74 degrees. the high today got to 86, which did hit our 2-degree guarantee four days in a row we've hit that. now it's the reason it's called baltimore's most accurate forecast. 79 in york. 81 in hagerstown. easton and dover a little
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cooler. they cooled down substantially because of the rainfall moving through that region. and that's where the heaviest rain is located right now. satellite pictures throughout the early morning hours had a few light sprinkles go bay. it's been a decent day. thunderstorms made their way across southern portions of anne arundel county, prince george's county, made their way to the eastern shore there is nor shower activity down to the southwest of d.c. on the larger picture, you can see that the big thrust of moisture is going up into pennsylvania. still some scattered showers and thunderstorms are left with this system. but it looks like the majority of the heavy push is now by the baltimore region. but that doesn't mean things are over for this evening. as far as our radar, there is the baltimore area there is the beltway there is the d.c. beltway. the heavy showers and thunderstorms are making their way across delaware and into new jersey. here in the baltimore area, we're looking pretty good. here is the next chance of showers coming through the southern portions of the d.c. area, heading in our direction for later on this evening. and don't forget, you can always go to our website, to to check out our
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interactive radar that you can actually manipulate it yourself. you go to the web page. you click on the weather tab, and then you scroll down. land is the latest radar picture, not satellite, radar picture, that again, you can take and you can zoom out on it. you can take and grab the map. you can move it around. you can look up to new york. if you're heading up to the big apple this evening see, what the chances of showers are there. it's all available on our website at, 24/7, 365. the forecast for this evening, the showers that are poised to head in our direction south of d.c. will pull across our region. some could be on the heavy side. during the day tomorrow, a pretty decent day. not much in the way of precipitation. a slim chance of it. but the better chance coming in on friday. here is your forecast. for the overnight period tonight, showers and storms. a few of them will be severe, spotty. 72 for the overnight low. during the day tomorrow, it's going to be a partly to mostly cloudy day. a few showers are possible. but it's not going to be as many showers around as what we have been seeing.
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but it is going to be a hot, humid day with a high of 89 degrees. and that's your 2-degree guarantee. on friday, that's when the heavier showers come back in with a high of 89. 87 on saturday and sunday. but look at saturday and sunday. it looks like we do co. be precipitation-free. but monday and tuesday showers come back in with thunderstorm activity. and on wednesday partly cloudy and 84. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. and by the way, we'll be tracking the showers. anything you need to know, have it right here on abc 2. >> all right, thanks, norm. after a stunning loss, michael phelps has rebounded with a world record. even in rome they're cheering on our baltimore county native. phelps set a world report in the 200-meter butterfly, receiving a gold medal. yesterday he was beaten by a swimmer from germany in the 200 freestyle. but this is the last major competition before body suits are banned. the ravens veterans started piling into the best western in westminster tonight. in fact, guy like ed reed and
6:20 pm
justin bannan stopped by the afternoon practice. bannon probably had his eyes on second round pick paul krueger. defensive end/linebacker from utah says he has been spending a lot of time with new defensive coordinator greg madison, learning as much as he can. he wants to make an impact this year. he realize there's is a lot of talent on that d-line. >> have i some amazingly talented players, you know, who are doing awesome things, and getting paid a lot of money in front of me. so that is definitely going to be a factor. i have, you know, a whole line of pro bowlers. so it's definitely something special to be a part of. at the same time, take some time and take some big plays and all that kind of stuff to really get yourself into the mix. >> duwhan edwards will certainly help that interior defense. he missed all of last season with a back injury, but he seems to be moving pretty well
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early on. third round pick webb is wearing mccallister's old number 31. he is moving to corner in the nfl. but this saul just amazing for webb. he is getting to play with his idol. >> reed, i was crazy about him. it wore number 20 in college, idlized him, ed, ed, ed. to be in the same defensive meeting room as him, try not to crowd him. try to listen. try to listen to him and just pick his brain and see how he study, how he practice, how he do everything. >> how cool is that? john harbaugh joked that webb just follows reed around the complex, but is serious that ed has been great at being a mentor. rich hill put on the dl with a torn labrum. the move is made to clear way for chris tillman. she part of the erik bedard trade last year with the
6:22 pm
mariners. the 21-year-old doom nateed at every level. dave trembley is impressed because tillman did exactly as he was told and gets rewarded with a call-up. >> he was told to just throw a fastball change-up. he had to throw his change-up. that's the pitch everybody told him he had to throw to improve. the reports i've got that he has done that. that's why he is here. >> he pitches tonight against the royals cy young candidate zack, weather permitting. that's your sports. i'm rob carlin well. wrap up the news right after this.
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new at 11 tonight, a morgan state instructor says she was fired for not giving up information. tonight at 11, we'll meet this local woman and hear her side of the story. plus, we're continuing to follow the indictments against baltimore city mayor, sheila dixon, the new ones from today. those stories and much more tonight at 11, right after prime time crime. i'm going to be tracking severe thunderstorm activity making its way through the region throughout the evening. if there is anything you need to know, we'll have it right here on abc 2. in the meantime, a severe thunderstorm watch continues in effect for the eastern shore until 8:00. we'll talk again tonight at 11. >> that's it for abc 2 news at 6. i'm kelly swoope. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tonight at 11. go out and have a great evening. >> thanks for choosing abc 2 news at 6. for more news, watch abc 2 news at 11, or go now to
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